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Your trusted IT consulting and technology services partner. We specialize in delivering innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses in the Financial Services, Energy, Public, and Retail sectors across West Africa.

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Our experienced team and OEM partnerships deliver tailored, cost-effective solutions that enhance efficiency and drive growth

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Crestsage Limited is a leading Information Technology and Consulting firm dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of the West African market. Our expertise spans across multiple key industries, including Financial Services, Energy, Public, and Retail sectors. We help our clients achieve their business goals and drive sustainable growth by leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry-specific knowledge.


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Over 14 years In The Tech Area

With extensive industry expertise, robust IT infrastructure, and top-tier services from Original Equipment Manufacturers, we guarantee smooth business operations.

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Solutions & Focus Areas

We offer a wide range of enterprise solutions, IT infrastructure, and IT services, supported by various original equipment manufacturers, in the following areas

Core IT Infrastructure Support

Support includes networking, servers, storage, security, backup, disaster recovery, monitoring, performance management, and cloud services integration.

Enterprise Networks Architecture

Optimize data flow, communication, and resource sharing across organizational components with enhanced security, scalability, and efficiency

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers scalable, flexible services over the Internet, optimizing resource management and enhancing efficiency.

Software Development

Application lifecycle management, Big data analytics, Enterprise security, IT service management, software-defined data center, mobile solutions

IT Consultancy

Crestsage offers expert IT consultancy for tailored strategic solutions that meet your business's specific needs and goals

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We prioritize our customers’ needs and continuously strive to deliver exceptional service tailored to their requirements.

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